Walk the Mile: discover the 7 museums of the capital
2 hours
7 arrêts
àpd € 19,99

Ready for a 6 km walk through Luxembourg City?

Along the way, you will discover remarkable places and tourist attractions. The route includes 7 stops corresponding to the 7 museums of Luxembourg City. Since your ticket is valid for 48 hours, you can schedule the museum visits over the two days as you wish.

The walk will take you to the most important museums of the city, including:

  1. Casino Luxembourg - Contemporary Art Forum
  2. Lëtzebuerg City Museum
  3. Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art
  4. Mudam Luxembourg
  5. Museum Dräi Eechelen
  6. Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle
  7. Villa Vauban


Admission to these 7 museums is included in the price. After downloading the sightseeing.lu application and purchasing this product, you will find 36 points on the interactive map displayed on your screen, which will be explained by text and audio.

These points of interest correspond to historical buildings, landmarks, parks and more.

Your smartphone will be transformed into a city guide!

If you are interested in visiting a temporary exhibition in a specific museum, please visit the relevant website for more information.

Please note that 1 purchase = 1 access to the app + entry ticket for the museums for 1 person only.


Ce qui est inclu

Public transport plan
best panoramic viewpoints
36 POIs
Free entry to the 7 museums of Luxembourg City
access to the app sightseeing.lu

Lieux que vous verrez

Lëtzebuerg City Museum
Casino Luxembourg
Dräi Eechelen Museum
National museum of natural history
Villa Vauban
National museum of history and art

Disponible dans notre application.

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